Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I need another blog....

Like I need a hole in my foot.... This blog is going to be for my digital scrap designs. It has occurred to me
that most everyone has a blog to display their work. So Im going to start posting my good stuff here, along with credits for the kits, elements, etc.

Im really happy tonight. I bought a super cute kit that I cannot wait to use, along with 2 sets of templates. I am so excited to finally get serious about this digital scrapbooking! My son's book & our wedding album are my first big projects.

I almost applied for a CT (Creative Team) tonight, which is what actually prompted me to start a design blog. I decided not to apply just yet. Im to green at this digital scrapping business and need to educate my self more as well as get my style established. I look forward to the day that I feel comfortable enough with my style and work that I can apply for a designer's CT!

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