Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Sweet Christmas

 On Moo Two Desgins Forum, we do a template challenge each month. This is the template for June/July. 
Its a really easy template and would work for any occasions! 

Template by: Gloria Val Verde (
Kit: "Sweet Christmas" by Seachell (

These pictures are from Christmas 2008. My mom made her 3 grandkids baby dolls.  The little guy in blue is for Jace, my nephew. The girl in the back with blonde hair is for Holly, my niece. The brown haired one is for my daughter, Ellie and looked just like her.. lol Hair and all. In the top pics are Jace & his little one, my sister & her daughter's doll and Holly and her doll. (I know the last pic is REALLY blurry, but its all I have)

I really love how this is for Christmas but isnt the traditional holiday colors! Great kit! And it has soooo many cute elements.

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