Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Two for Challenges

I made two layouts for one of my forums. They are for challenges.  This first one is a template challenge. I had the perfect picture of Garrett in mind for the layout, once I made it, the picture just wasnt the one.. So I had to redo it several times, several colors till I found this one.. Its not the greatest picture, but it fits, Grrrr. lol I really like how this one turned out

template by: Momma Trish
kits used: Little Cabin by Krathryn Estry
Clothes element by: Mommy Me Time Scrapper
word art by: Vickie H Fernandez

The second one is for a layout of the week challenge. I was at loss cause I do not have any kits with tools and all the pictures the little girl is using tools and working on her Daddy's dirt bike.  But I think I made it work. 

kit: Spring Fling by Christine Smith

Im pretty excited and kinda nervous. I ordered my first set of pages.. I went with one site that does .99 cent prints, however they leave a boarder on it.. I hope they turn out well.. If not, Ill just reprint them else where.. This was just so I would have something to take with me to AZ and show off.. I printed the first 3 pages for Garrett's book and the above mentioned template page. :D Hope they turn out well!! 

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